Fethiye, which is one of the favorite holiday regions of our country and the world, can do the activities we recommend for you to see the beauties of the region, explore nature, and have an exciting holiday.
               It goes to the magnificent bays by big boats that leave from Ölüdeniz beach at 10:30 in the morning. Lunch service is provided to guests during the tour, included in the price. It takes approximately 30 minutes to 45 minutes to stay in each bay.
The bays visited in Ölüdeniz are;
                butterfly Valley
                ST. Nicolas Island
                Aquarium Cove
                Cold Water Bay
                Camel Beach
It is an adrenaline-filled activity for those who want to watch Oludeniz beach and its surroundings from a bird´s eye view. From the 1965-meter height of Babadağ, a flight takes between 30-45 minutes. You can perform your jump with Professional Pilots. We do not recommend you to return to Ölüdeniz, which is one of the most beautiful Paragliding centers in the world, without tasting this perfect feeling!
Jeep Safari, which is one of the biggest entertainments of the summer vacation, is accompanied by a large number of water fights and so on. It is an Entertainment Tour where activities are held. It starts at 08:30 in the morning and ends at 18:30 in the evening. Lunch is also subject to a fee during the tour. The Tour Program is listed as follows;
                Tlos - Yakapark - Saklıkent - Mud Bath - Xhantos - Patara
It is one of the recommended activities for those who are on holiday in Fethiye. Tour boats in Fethiye harbor visit various natural wonders on a daily basis and offer unforgettable moments to their guests. It departs at 10:30 in the morning and ends at 18:00 in the evening. Tour boats stop by various islands and bays, allowing you to have a good time.
Some of these islands are;
                Yassica Island
                Hornbuku Bay
                Aquarium Cove
                Shipyard Island
                Red Island
               It is a nice activity for those who like horse riding. You can add different and beautiful memories to your holiday. Fethiye starts from Hisarönü and is made to 2 different points, Ölüdeniz and Kayaköy, among the pine trees. You can take lots of photos and enjoy the beautiful scenery in an event that lasts for 3 hours in total.
              This experience, which shows you how fascinating life under the sea is in the most beautiful and clear bays of Fethiye, can remain as an unforgettable memory during your holiday. If you haven´t tasted this experience in any way before, we highly recommend it, we are sure you will love it..
                It is an activity where entertainment, excitement and adrenaline are high for those who vacation in Fethiye.
In this activity, which lasts approximately 3 hours, you can have a safe and good time with professional teams.
              We strongly recommend Boat Tours in Dalyan to see its natural and historical beauties. Iztuzu Beach, which is located on the part of the river that joins the sea in the region that attracts the attention of many tourists, is known as the breeding ground of Caretta Carettas. Do not pass without visiting this region with its perfect sea and coast!
              With easy-to-use automatic ATVs, you will experience off-road pleasure in an incredible nature on Ghost Town Kayaköy and forest roads. An unforgettable adventure awaits you for about 2 hours accompanied by the magnificent view of Gemiler Bay.
Fun, adventure and freedom. A day when you will be happy to get dirty.
Historical places
                A Ghost Town from the Ancients to the Present.
It is an old Greek village built on the settlement of Lyckia Civilization. According to the agreement signed between Turkey and Greece after the War of Independence, the Turkish people in Western Thrace and the Greek people living there changed places. Our people, who came to the region later on, could not adapt to the life here and left this place. This Historic place has an Incredible Historical texture. We strongly recommend you to see this village, which evokes fairy-tale feelings when you walk in it.
                Hidden City National Park, located within the borders of Fethiye, is a wonderful natural miracle that is worth visiting. A wonderful walk awaits you with the canyon flowing under you. The water, which is shallow at first, gradually gets deeper. drinks SaklikentYou can relax and enjoy the scenery and nature with your family in the facilities located in the area. Saklıkent, which is a place that you can reach with tours or with your own vehicles, is among the places that must be visited.
                The ancient city of TLOS, one of the important settlements of the Lycia Civilization, is the most important haunt of History Buffs.
                Yakapark, which is a business located on Saklıkent Road, is one of the beautiful places to go with its Perfect Concept.
                Located on Saklıkent Road, Waterfall is a natural beauty that attracts adventurous travelers, and there is a beautiful establishment in it.
                These structures, which you can encounter in many parts of Fethiye, are the main historical artifacts from the Lyckian civilization.
                The Acropolis, Agora, Theatre, Sarcophagus etc. in this historical city, which you can go through the Fethiye-Kaş road, is home to many works.
              It is a settlement that has the feature of being the first settlement of the district in history and has preserved its importance throughout history. Spread in Fethiye
               The historical place located in the Yeşil Üzümlü region is known as the Athletics Center in the Ancient Age. Can be added to the Route along with Burns and Green Grape.
Bazaar – Market
                It is the historical bazaar located in the center of Fethiye. The old name is still used today. There are many live businesses in it.
                Located in Fethiye Center, this area is a place with perfect texture. We especially want you to go and feel the beautiful flavors and texture here.
Fethiye Beaches and Bays
• Ölüdeniz Beach
                In this world-famous beach, you can enjoy the Blue Flag sea either in the calm and quiet part by entering the Kumburnu Nature Park Region, or in the open section called Belce Kız.
• Kabak Bay
                It is one of the hidden places of the region. It is the last place the highway goes. You cannot get to the area with your own vehicle. You can park your car and take the minibus to Kabak Bay, which is 500 meters down. It has many campuses and campgrounds.
• Kıdrak Bay
                These are the first beaches you will encounter after passing Ölüdeniz. Having a place where you can have a picnic is very attractive, especially for families. There is an entrance fee.
• Gemiler Bay
                Ships bay, which is the beach through Kayaköy, has a clean sea. You can reach the region with the perfect view from the forest area.
• Patara Beach
                This beach, which is the port city of the Lycian civilization, is famous in the world with its historical campus and golden and fine sandy beach. It is the second longest beach in Turkey. This unique place, which resembles a desert with its sand dunes, is among the places to be seen.
• Kuleli Bay
                This private business, which also has a special area for ladies with its renewed concept, offers special times to its guests.
• Aksazlar Bay - Büyük Samanlık Bay - Küçük Samanlık Bay
                These coves, located on the Karagözler locality in the Gulf of Fethiye, are operated by private businesses. These businesses, located in the forest area, offer special opportunities and offer a nice holiday opportunity to their guests.
• Calis Beach
                Calis, which is among the important settlements of Fethiye, has a large coastal and beach area along the gulf. There are many businesses along the beach as well as the beach.
• Daily Dark
                You can have a picnic in the perfect forest area in the region between Fethiye and Göcek, and you can also enjoy the sea on the beach with its fine sand.
• Katrancı Bay
                One of the important camping areas of Fethiye, tar bay is a paradise for those who love forest areas and those who cannot live without sea.
• İnlice Public Beach
                This beach, which is close to the center of Göcek, is one of the places frequented by day-trippers.